NL Patch Cap - Royal/White/Grey

While not everyone prefers a darker navy blue, the shade of royal offers many options. And with our NL Patch Cap – Royal/White/Grey, you can enjoy them all every day.

Hat Features

  • Royal Blue Cap
  • Grey Bill
  • White Twill Mesh
  • Grey Nauti Life Patch

Cap Specifications

  • Richardson 112 Hat
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Unisex Trucker Hat Design
  • Factory Curved Hat Bill


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It’s not as bright as other blues, but also not as dark as navy. In the end, that makes it more versatile for wearing it throughout all four seasons.

In addition to it staying a striking color, it’s one with a lot of personality. Depending on the context, Royal Blue gets used to represent many different things, such as:

  • Feelings of Peacefulness/Calmness
  • British Monarchy
  • Wedding Parties
  • Formal Colors
  • Reliability or Trust
  • The Sky or the Ocean
  • Freedom and Patriotism
  • Both Cheerful and Sadness
  • Religious/Spiritual Themes
  • Colder Temperatures or Seasons
  • And many other symbols.

Wear this when you intend to spend the day on the water or staying dry. No matter what activities you plan on enjoying, this is the ideal cap.

Enjoy fun in the sun to staying indoors, making a splash, or taking a nap. Whatever hobbies you have, you can still look stylish while doing them all.

However you spend your day, this cap keeps your eyes protected through any hobbies. Before you step out, take your new favorite hat along with you, even during:

  • Beach Days
  • Pool Parties
  • Backyard BBQ
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Spectator Events
  • Live Concerts/Music Festivals
  • Going Fishing
  • Dog Parks
  • Children’s Playgrounds
  • Outdoor Patios
  • Boating/Docks
  • Sunset Walks
  • And other outdoor recreational activities.

This shade of blue evokes a relaxing time spent along the calming water. Or, use it to keep the sun out of your eyes while staying active.

Whatever you plan to do this afternoon, evening, or weekend, keep comfortable all day. And with the mesh back and adjustable snapback, you can feel your best longer.

From outdoor sports to indoor hobbies, staying active or relaxing, put this cap on before joining. Life the Nauti Life however you prefer to most with our NL Patch Cap – Royal/White/Grey.


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