Drink Koozie - Camo

Few prints stay as bold and divisive as camouflaged designs for clothing and accessories. When you support the color scheme, you can enjoy our Drink Koozie – Camo.

Item Features

  • Classic Camo Print
  • Nauti Life Logo/Motto
  • Yellow Lettering
  • Soft Foam Product

Item Specifications

  • 12-16 OZ. Containers
  • Cans or Bottles
  • $4 Accessory
  • Neoprene Foam Holder

Availability: 82 in stock

Live the Nauti Life while hiding a drink in plain sight anywhere you go. And with your favorite pattern on display, everyone knows whose beverage it is.

Whether you want a drink holder that matches your outfit or your attitude, choose this. And as a standard bottle koozie, it can keep more containers cool, such as:

  • Aluminum Cans
  • Aluminum Bottles
  • Some Glass Bottles
  • Soda Cans
  • Soft Drinks
  • Standard Beers
  • Spiked Soft Drinks
  • Party Cups
  • Water Bottles
  • Some Travel Cups
  • Canned Wine
  • Sports Drinks
  • And other beverages.

Keeping hydrated is essential, and so is choosing your beverage. Whatever will quench your thirst the best, this koozie holds them all.

And when you have an upcoming trip, long weekend, or staycation planned, bring this along. It will suit whatever recreational activities you intend to enjoy on the water or woods.

From leaning back and taking naps to fishing lines and bar snacks. Whatever the weekend has in store, keep this camo koozie handy for all of your:

  • Hunting Trips
  • Fishing Expeditions
  • Spring Break
  • Weekend Relaxation
  • Beach Trips
  • River Adventures
  • State Parks
  • Outdoor Campsites
  • Sports Tailgating
  • Swimming Pools
  • Resort Patios
  • Backyard Decks
  • And anywhere else.

Stay cool during group activities or kicking it alone at home indoors or outside. Pool days, beach trips, football games, and more, all need a better drink companion.

And because they manufacture from soft foam, they collapse and stow away nearly anywhere. Cram into a kitchen drawer while not in use or leave them handy in plain sight.

These koozies fit most standard cup holders for added travel and comfort needs. Take them on the boat, soft drinks on the road, and anywhere else.

Whatever you plan to enjoy, take your new accessory along. Live the Nauti Life on the go with Drink Koozie – Camo.


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