10 Best Tropical Beaches

10 Best Tropical Beaches

We love the beach and everything about living near the water. While every strip of sand has its charms, nothing beats a sublime tropical beach. Here are ten of the best tropical beaches on the planet.

Best Tropical Beaches for Total Relaxation

Where would you go for a perfect beach vacation? Chances are, you want a place overflowing with friendly, super-relaxed vibes. Luckily, terrific tropical beaches can be found all around the world.

The plentiful supply of locations means that choosing a specific beach can seem overwhelming. Happily, we spend our time on lots of beaches, and we know the best tropical beaches.

You won’t regret venturing to any of the sandy paradises listed below.

No. 1- Key West Florida

10 Best Tropical Beaches

You don’t need to leave the United States to laze about on a white sand beach. Key West Florida combines a Hemingwayesque aura of casual coolness with fantastic snorkeling and sand play. Pack one of your favorite Ernest Hemingway novels and head to the beach in Key West.

No.2- Oahu Hawaii

10 Best Tropical Beaches

You’ve undoubtedly seen images of Oahu’s gorgeous beaches in countless movies and television shows. Waikiki Beach, home to such famous landmarks as the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, is a terrific beginner beach. We suggest that you also roll out your beach towel on Waimanalo Beach’s white powder for true bliss.

No.3- Bondi Beach Australia

best tropical beaches

Do you want to hang out on a beach filled with people who look like the Hemsworth brothers? Now, we can’t guarantee that you’ll actually meet a movie star. However, we can promise that you’ll have the time of your life in the surf and sands of Bondi Beach.

No.4- Playa Conchal Costa Rica

best tropical beaches

If you want a serene beach experience, you can’t do much better than Playa Conchal. Unlike the popular surfing beaches, Playa Conchal offers a quieter piece of Costa Rican paradise. Warm turquoise waters offer a sensory embrace as you swim and snorkel in the generally calm surf.

No.5- Condado Beach Puerto Rico

10 Best Tropical Beaches_Puerto Rico

Do subdued beaches feel a little dull? Don’t worry if you long for a beach vacation with an urban vibe. Condado Beach is a fabulous Caribbean beach located across the Laguna del Condado from the excitement of Old San Juan.

No. 6- Bali Indonesia

10 Best Tropical Beaches_Bali

You won’t need to settle on a specific beach during your trip to Bali. The Crazy Tourist gives the low down on some of Bali’s top tropical beaches here.

No. 7- Copacabana Beach Brazil

10 Best Tropical Beaches_Brazil

Pack your beach apparel and catch a flight to Rio. Copacabana Beach is your destination for people watching on an astonishingly beautiful beach. Join the locals in a game of beach volleyball if the joyous vibes leave you energized.

No. 8- Sairee Beach Thailand

10 Best Tropical Beaches_Thailand

Experienced sand worshippers know that Thailand has some of the world’s finest beaches. While all of the Thai beaches are incredible, we are especially partial to Sairee Beach. It’s a family-friendly beach that manages to delight beachgoers of all ages.

No. 9- Anse Source d’Argent Seychelles

10 Best Tropical Beaches_Seychelles

Are you ready to escape to one of the most romantic beaches on earth? With crystal waters, white sand beach, and palm trees, Anse Source d’Argent personifies romantic paradise.

No. 10- Castaway Island Fiji

10 Best Tropical Beaches_Fiji

Castaway Island in Fiji is the quintessential tropical beach. The soft sand will lull you into a blissed-out stupor, but don’t forget to snorkel. The awe-inspiring coral reef close to shore will wow you with its colors and marine life.

Last Thoughts

Go out and discover the best tropical beaches. Pack your suitcase with fun and friendly beach attire from NautiLife.

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